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moTo Café is Colorado's premier outfitter of performance enduro, ADV, and dual sport motorcycle parts and gear. It is also home to Equilibrium Suspension, the premiere tuning service for all things that go up and down.

Suspension Parts, Services & Pricing


Moto Fork or Shock

This service replaces oil, leaky seals and worn bushings. All of the wear parts will be examined at this point. This is the service you need when you notice oil on your garage floor under the front wheel. See "Parts" below.
We recommend a revalve for customers that are looking to "change" something specific in their suspension. Motorcycle suspension contains many valves that allow for custom tuning for rider style, or conditions. If you are interested in a revalve, it is most economical to combine the service at the same time as a rebuild. See "Parts" below.
Common Fork Parts
Typically for a rebuild, a fork requires two dust wipers/oil seals (we use SKF Brand), two inner and Outer bushings. The forks use about a quart of oil in the process as well.
Common Shock Parts
This varies but a typical rebuild will need a few seals and bushings replaced as well as a pint or so of oil.
The pair up front or the single in the rear. Custom springs run a bit more.

Mountain Bike

Bike Fork or Shock

Fork Factory Rebuild
Inspection and fluid replacement. Recommended every 100 hours.
Shock Factory Rebuild
Air spring rebuild, damper rebuild, reset IFP and recharge with nitrogen. Recommended every 100 hours.
Brain Shock Rebuild
Call for parts estimate and serviceable date range.
Fork Parts
Seals, bushings and springs as needed.
Shock Parts
Air sleve seals, damper rebuild kit. Add $20 for DRCV found on Trek Bikes.


Full service kit &65-70
Replacement cartridge $80
Command Post
Service kit $35


Truck Suspension

Shock Rebuild
Replace seals and o-rings, inspect for wear and function, reset IFP and vacuum bleed new fluids.
Bump Stop Rebuild
Replace Seals and fluids, and inspect function and wear.

Parts Kits

Fox Factory Series
Fox Performance Series

Dealer pricing available on request. Call for more information.

Specialty Products & Services

We offer high end performance parts and services in-house at moTo Cafe. Call or stop by for pricing.

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